Tuesday, May 12, 2015

City Girl top

Pin It A while back I posted about some cute and super comfortable pants to try out the leisure wear trend that is going so strong right now.  (Fancy sweat pants) The top I made originally to go with those pants was the City Girl by See Kate Sew.

I enjoyed sewing this top up and it was very easy.

See Kate Sew pattern

I like the cowl neckline a lot, but am not as much thrilled with the amount of volume below the bust.

And, my fabric choice could be better.  I just don't think this knit had enough stretch for optimal comfort.

This was my first woman's pattern by See Kate Sew. I have sewn her children patterns and loved them.  The only complaint I have had with them is the size range ... I want them to come in tween sizes.

I think I will be making another one of these in a sweater knit come this fall.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bold flowers and floaty dress

Pin It I love to have a new dress for Easter and I managed to squeeze in making me one despite the fact that I have been super busy and thought I would just be able make outfits for the girls.

I choose a dress pattern and fabric that I have had mixed feelings about.   The fabric is some a friend gave me, so it was free and that is great.  I completely have flip flopped about it.  On one day, I would love the bright colors and big floral prints.  On another day, I thought it looked garish and thought it would overwhelm my short frame.

I had similar thoughts about my the dress pattern.  It was part of a package of floral themed patterns by burdastyle (affiliate link) that I bought in the Spring of 2014.  (03/2013#113) This particular dress was my least favorite of the bunch but when I went to actually sew a dress this Spring, it is the one that stuck in my mind.

Dress as styled by Burda

So, I started working on the dress.  I taped the pattern and read the instructions and again started having second thoughts.  I was not sure about the gathers up the front and the shape seemed odd.  And as I worked with the fabric, I was impressed with the way it felt but still was quite intimidated by those giant bright flowers.

sewing burda

I kept on going.  I did not have time to start a different dress and decided to press on.

However, I did no fittings.  None.  My measurements put me squarely in a size 40, so I did not think it was too risky and I just did not have the heart to try it on and find out it was ugly.  Only once did I check things out by putting the dress on my dress form to check the zipper.  (The pattern called for an invisible zipper which I normally would love but I went with a standard zipper because it is what I had on hand.)

sewing burda

So on Easter morning, I showered and put on my dress ... for the first time.  And when my husband walked in he said, "You look beautiful.  I love the new dress."

sewing burda

Yea!  I guess it was a success and now I have a nice floaty dress for the warmer weather.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Frozen Art in Anchorage

Pin It Most winters, Alaska is a complete winter wonderland.  This winter, 2015 has been an exception. There has not been much snow and it even warmed up in February to above freezing temperatures and melted most of the snow we did have.  Last year at this time, there was at least 3 feet of built up snow in our yard but this year you can see patches of grass.

But, luckily we were able to enjoy the two events in Anchorage where all that solid water is put to artistic use.  The Crystal Gallery of Ice in January and the Snow Sculpture Competition in March.

The Crystal Gallery of Ice is an annual event that takes place in the Town Square Winter Center in downtown Anchorage.  It is organized by Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.  Ice carvers come from all over the state and the world to transform ice slabs cut from Alaskan lakes into beautiful works of art.
Official site

Because it is held in a park and ice is hard to transport, you can go watch the artists carve away the few days before the competition.  My husband and I went one evening to see them work and then returned the next day with the children to check out the finished products.

travel with kids

travel with kids

The kids loved it!  They were quite impressed.

travel with kids
 travel with kids

This year's was held January 9-11, 2015.  And after the sculptures have spent some time in the park, they are moved to various locations around town for viewing by all who walk by until they melt.

travel with kids

travel with kids

The first place winner was this very cool sea monster

Many of you have heard of the Iditarod, the famous dog race.  But what I came to learn is that it is actually associated with a big celebratory event called Fur Rendezvous held in Anchorage, AK.  During the Fur Rondy (its nickname) there are several events that span the silly to the artistic.

On the artistic side is the Snow Sculpture Competition.  It is held at Ship Creek in Anchorage right across from the Ulu Factory store.  (A great place to find beautiful souvenirs of your trip to Alaska.) Ship Creek is not as convenient to get to as Town Square and you will likely need to use a vehicle from your hotel to get there.

travel with kids

The artists are given 8 x 8 foot blocks of compressed snow to work with.

travel with kids

We were worried that with the unseasonably warm weather there would be no sculptures, but we lucked out and there were a few days in the 20s to keep the snow in tact.

travel with kids

The sculptures ranged from whimsical to serious and a couple were quite beautiful.

travel with kids

The children loved to run around and look at each one of them.

travel with kids

At Ship Creek, vendors sold reindeer sausages (a favorite street food here in Alaska) and hot chili. And the Ulu Factory was giving out free hot chocolate and coffee!

travel with kids

So many people only come to Alaska during the amazing summers because it is so cold here (usually) in the winter.  But if you are a hearty family, there are fun things to do in Anchorage during the winter and these are just two events that you kids will love.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Fancy Sweat Pants

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I have been seeing all sorts of casual pants that look as comfy as sweatpants but in a little more stylish fabric.  They seem to be quite the trend and as I have never been one for going out in sweatpants but do like to be comfortable, I figured I would give them a shot.

First, I needed to find a pattern that suited my needs.  While I was in Afghanistan, I saw Pattern Anthology advertising its 8 Days a Week collection and Go To Patterns had a knit pant pattern included.  Pattern found.

The pattern actually has three different styles of knit pant; a legging, yoga pant, and a baggy pant with ribbing at the ankles.  I opted for view B, the baggy pant with ribbing.

Next, I had to pick some fabric.  I wanted something fairly fancy.  At first I had in mind some sort of luxurious cream colored knit.  But I could not find that.  Have you ever imagined a project and then can't actually find the right fabric to fit that mental picture? I only have one fabric store here and I was not willing to wait for something to be shipped to Alaska so I tried to open my mind to other options.

pattern review: Go To knit pant

I then found a grey knit with silver brocade-like printing on it.  The weight of the knit was just heavy enough for pants, so I thought they could work pretty good.

The pants require a 2 inch elastic for the waist band. So, while you are at the fabric store trying to find your perfect fabric, you will need to find that too.  But finding the perfect fabric is the hardest part of sewing these pants.  They were quick and simple to put together.

pattern review

I like the look of the pants, but I am not really sure if I have found the right top to wear with them. And, I will make them out of a heavier weight knit when I make them again.  And probably not choose a fabric that is so hard to find a coordinating top for.

What do you think?  What type of top would work with these?

pattern review

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